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  • Outfit Of The Week [July 24th-30th]
    Wow! This is our first outfit of the week EVER, and we are starting off strong! This week's outfit features a female model in what looks like the woods. These pictures were photographed by Olga Sova, who is a talented photographer. The model is rocking some Steampunk clothes that we... Read more »
  • LED Handmade Steampunk Flash Drive [Product Review]
    USBs are useful in all situations. They can be used at work, in school, with your friends, and even to share things to yourself. It is the easiest way to ensure the deliverance of something from one machine to another. So, something you use that much should be decorated. This... Read more »
  • The Most Romantic Victorian Steampunk Wedding
    Wouldn’t you want your wedding to completely represent your style and what makes you happy? That’s exactly what this young couple did for their “Victorian and Steampunk Wedding”. The bride tells viewers that she did meticulously plan her wedding. Although, even with that, she states that she didn’t get caught... Read more »
  • New Prosthetic Eye Could Change The World Of Cosplay [VIDEO]
    This new robot-esque prosthetic eye is able to capture and directly transfer images onto a mobile device. Rob Spence is the first man to try out this device and states that he basically has a wireless camera in his eye. The eye itself is not connected to his brain so... Read more »
  • Travel Back In Time With This Rotary Phone [Product Review]
    In the modern world, nobody really makes any use of antique and gorgeous rotary phones. However, as a Steampunk community, it is our turn to fight for these wonderful machines to make a comeback. That's why today I am going to review an antique Steampunk rotary phone. The phone itself is... Read more »